Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"And That's the Way It is"

Walter Cronkite ended his nightly CBS newscast with that now familiar phrase. Bruce and I are remembering how it was as we watch the DVD “Cronkite Remembers: A Remarkable Century” In this remarkable 3 DVD set Walter narrates almost 100 years of history, tell delightful fun stories about himself, and shares the inside stories of news stories he had covered.

Bruce received this as a birthday gift from a sister-in-law, a perfect, well thought out gift. We are watching an hour a day at 6 pm because we used to watch news then, we think. There are almost 7 hours, and of course, we will want to watch this again, one can’t gasp it all the first time. Cronkite reporting career covers the years Bruce and I have lived, he was truly a living history lesson.

The film and photos are remarkable, most taken from reports that Cronkite did himself. He tells the background of the information in-depth and often relates what was taking place in the newsrooms behind the camera. Cronkite was a true reporter in every way, he would report from battlegrounds, political conventions, and at crime scenes, wherever the story was he was.

I like so many others always trusted what Cronkite said, took the information as accurate. (Not sure, I can say that now) I will add to this blog as I watch more of the video.

Wednesday note: Walter Cronkite loved the excitement of the space program. He reported many of the first launches using little rather simple tools to illustrate what was happening. That was long before computers and technical tools. He really wanted to go on a real space flight, however that was not to be.
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