Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wild Hoofbeats

Retweet Story #2

MissDazey personal story:
This the second of my posts about what I am discovering on Twitter. I still have not thought of a good title for this series, does anyone have a suggestion?
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Devoted to keeping America’s wild horses wild and free
I followed a twitter link to a blog written by Carol Walker. Carol is devoted to protecting the beautiful wild horses in the west. Her twitter profile reads, Carol Walker, equine & wildlife photographer, wild horse advocate, author of Wild Hoofbeats. Please take time to read the blog and look at the photos. Click here Using her skills as a professional photographer and brilliant storyteller, Carol documents the story of the horses and their fate if they are not protected.

A link on the blog took me to Carol site, “Living Images by Carol Walker.” I know I use the word WOW too often, but that is what I said... A BIG WOW! The photos are so life like, I swear I saw the horses running and heard them whinny. I especially like the photos of the baby colts. I have visited the site several times and still have not picked out a favorite shot.

Last night Bruce and I looked together at the horses. He is the big horse lover in the family, although I am pretty well hooked too. (We neither one ride and live in the city, but so admire beautiful horses) We are going order the book and calendar for a birthday present in November for a nephew’s 16th birthday. He has a horse that he shows and this is a perfect gift. For more information on the book, click here.
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