Friday, September 18, 2009

New Computer, New Challenges

It has been just about a week since my new computer arrived. I have wanted this one since I first saw it in Best Buy, almost 2 years ago. It is a Sony All-In-One, middle of the line, and has a 19-inch screen. I am like a little kid with a new toy.

I am the first one to admit I don’t know much about computers other than how to turn them on. I do great on the Internet, spending most of my day on and off line. (Even more now that I discovered Twitter) The computer itself, I am not comfortable at all. I don’t understand the terms, software is puzzling, and how-to’s written for IT experts. I also am afraid I will do something wrong and destroy the whole computer with one quick click.

Speaking of learning to use the new computer, the manual and tutorials are online. Now what if the thing is not working, how do I read the manual? Guess it doesn’t matter since I wouldn’t know what those big words mean anyway.

I am still getting things set up, that is a challenge. You know how new computers come with all the preloaded trial offers? Those “offers” are just nuisance and I am getting them off one at a time. As I told someone yesterday there are many glitches, but I’m not sure why. It could be me who has the glitch.

Yesterday Bruce and I finally got up the courage to hook up the new printer. Talk about a challenge! We had wanted to use it wireless, but could not figure that one out at all. The setup screen kept asking for a “key-code” and we have no idea what that is. I think that maybe our wireless doodad isn’t strong enough also. I finally said let’s just use a cord.

Got to run now, time to play some more on my new toy.

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