Saturday, August 1, 2009

Why S.O.S.?

Why S.O.S.?

The short answer is I already had a blog set up for the title Seniors Online Supporters, or S.O.S. for short. (I was very active in for a year) The longer reason is I needed a way to express myself about issues people over 60 have. In the old days of Morse code SOS meant come quickly, help is needed ASAP. Perhaps there is not an urgent need for information, but this blog will help me keep track of things and a format to share. More than anything it’s a personal online journal that is public until further notice.

I like researching things. Fascinated seems like a better word than curious, although I think I am more inquisitive and probing. No matter what it’s called I like to learn more about things, figure out who’s who, the bottom line, and how can this concern me. Many times the word nosy fits. I have been that way as long as I can remember; I can even remember looking at pictures the "Book of Knowledge" before I could read the big words.

Jumping forward 60 years, I am so glad to live in the computer and internet era. In a few minutes, I can look up anything online. I look up everything, from silly little things like “who is playing in an old movie?” to years of research about arthritis, to travel information, and of course, all the news. (Add in several magazines I read)

OK, this is hopefully the last serious blog post for a while.
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