Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Up, Up & Away

I had a wonderful birthday month topped off with a balloon release. I had asked my friends and family to release a balloon to celebrate my birthday. Virtual and actual colorful balloons were released from South Carolina, Wisconsin, and of course in Missouri where I live.

The last one I was told about was let go by my long time, tried and true, friend Jacque. This is what she wrote in an email. I was so touched I cried happy tears.

This is to notify you that a blue balloon was released today, August 3, 2009 in honor of the life of Linda Crim. The release took place at Sunshine Valley Farms, Rogersville MO, at 11:00 a.m. The balloon sailed out over the apple orchard headed for the great beyond. A note was attached to it that read:
"This balloon was released in honor of Linda Crim and her life. Whoever finds this please stop and say a prayer for blessings on her. God bless!"

Another friend said her balloon was stuck in a tree, she wondered what that meant. My sister released hers in the middle of a rose garden while we visited on the cell phone. I cannot thank everyone enough for doing this and making my birthday so special. Besides balloons, my month was filled with emails, lunches, birthday cards and much more…it was filled with love and respect. Most importantly, it was filled with FUN!

Last note on the balloon release. It was such an exciting thing I have promised I would do this for all my friends and families birthdays from now on. So if I don’t know when your birthday is, please email me the information to this email
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