Friday, August 21, 2009

Time To Change The Subject

For the past week or so, I have blogged about the debate on Health Care Reform. Also, I have read dozens of news articles, blogs, and editorials on the subject. I think I’m ready to move on to other things. Suzy Welch said it best on Twitter: “Here's change I can believe in: a mandated 2-week cooling off period on the health care debate. Too many people talking past each other.” (

Now let me think for a moment about an extremely exciting topic for this blog post. It should be positive and funny, not too long to tell about, and interesting to people in the Elder Generation. (In case you have forgotten that’s people born between 1930-1945) Oh yes, there can’t be too many long words in the story, I can’t spell long words.

While I think on that, let me share some sites I like to visit on a regular bases. First thing every morning I check email, twitter, and hotmail, doesn’t everyone. Then the online bank statement to make sure no one has deposited a million dollars by mistake. Generally I read and a couple of financial sites, click on the headlines that interest me. Actually, I got to thinking about my morning routine while reading a blog post on Time Goes By entitled Retirement Routine. It’s quite fun, and some of the comments even funnier. I am slowly working my way through the elder bloggers list. I am amazed at how many excellent writers are out in cyberspace.

I have always said I am not the social networking type, but it seems I visit several. I have belonged to for a long time; now only belong to one group. It is the Missouri Friends Group. Another new to me site is Growing Bolder. It is really a combination of social networking and information. Through the past 5 years, I have belonged to several social networking sites for brief period. By the way, I do not like Facebook, so please don’t invite me to be your friend there. (Please and Thank-you) I do read and write about arthritis; I’ll write about those sites another time. I started an online journal of my balloon releases.

Well, I haven’t thought of a subject to write about tonight so I’ll just say “GOOD NIGHT AND GOD BLESS.”
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