Sunday, August 23, 2009


MissDazey personal story:
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My daughter told me about twitter several times before I joined, or even read her tweets for that matter. I had no idea what it was or why I should be on it. Then I began to see more and more about it on news shows and online. Of course, as soon as I joined I got addicted. I have met the nicest people, read some very informative sites, and found so many bloggers I would have never, ever known about otherwise.

I do numerous retweets, RT for short. When a post is marked with RT @ is means you have copied a post, and are giving the original author the credit. I usually check the links in a post to see what I am telling my followers about and if it’s a positive site before I retweet. By following links, I have read the most enjoyable and/or useful sites and blogs. Sometimes I get so excited about something I simply must share it. This blog is a good place to do that, so from now on I’ll write short reviews of what I find interesting on twitter every week or so.

Retweets stories:
The first one I want to share is this twitter post: RT @Camfed Carol Schillios is living on her roof in WA until she collects a million dollars to help women in Africa: The link will take you to the site and a story about Carol Schillios. Carol is camping on the roof of her store, to raise a million dollars for women in Africa. Be sure to click on the news video that tells more. Also, please visit to learn more about the work that the Shillios Development Foundation is doing. There a boutique where goods made by women in Africa are sold. The following video tells more about the store and the work they are doing to help African women.

Meanwhile, Good Night and God Bless!

Note: I was watching an old TV show starring Red Shelton and remember he ended his show when something like, “Good Night and God Bless.” Now I will too.
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