Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Play a "Vinyl Record" Again, Sam

There was a short piece on vinyl records recently on MSNBC. It seems they are making a comeback, though on a limited way. They are selling again in stores like Best Buy and eBay. Sales have increased to almost doubling in 2008. One young man in the story said the music sounded like it was in the whole room when played on a vinyl record. I was surprised that new records are being recorded by today’s artists.

Music is a big deal at our house, as well as in our car. By music, I mean our kind of music, Big Band, Frank Sinatra, Dolly Parton, Josh Brolin, and more. We have Sirius XM radio in our car tuned to either the Frank Sinatra or the ‘40’s channel; I can’t imagine traveling without it. We can also get these channels via our Dish Network on our TV. Add in a couple of CD players and radios, we are “in the music.” We don’t buy as many CDs as we used to now that we listen to XM radio. We have quite a collection though, especially of Frank Sinatra. Bruce has all of Frank’s songs memorized and sings along.

We also have a big stack of old vinyl records that Bruce cannot part with. Granted, he doesn’t play them, but they have special memories. He pointed out these are just a few of the hundreds of records he has had over the years. We have 3 record players. One is an old windup one that is an antique, which I keep threatening to sell on eBay. Another is a stereo in a beautiful cherry wood cabinet. It is the first piece of furniture that he and his first wife bought 50 years ago; what special memories he has of them dancing together for hours. (It doesn’t work, however I have wondered if we can fit a new machine into the cabinet.)


Vic Damone has been singing to us all week via a new CD. Bruce has special memories of Vic Damone from Christmas 1949. Bruce’s brother Bill was a freshman at West Point and Bruce and his parents drove from SW Missouri to visit him. They drove through New York City and there on a huge neon sign was a picture of Vic Damone. You can imagine the impact that had on a 14-year-old country boy. There was no time to go to hear Damone, something Bruce to this day regrets.

This blog post will be continued.
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