Wednesday, August 19, 2009

If It's To Be, It's Up To Me

I am proud to be part of “Elders For Health Care Reform Day on August 20” on the Time Goes By site. On that day there will be a list of bloggers across the cyberspace world blogging about the subject of Health Care Reform. Each of the bloggers will write about their own experiences and their own opinions.

I have posted about this subject the last week, please read them below. This post is a brief, but heartfelt commentary on my opinion of Health Care Reform debate going on now.

* Everyone should have access to the best health care possible and at an affordable cost.
* The high cost of health care can be controlled, as can fraud in Medicare and insurance claims.
* While I am proud to be an American with freedom of speech, the shouting at rallies and town hall meetings scares and embarrasses me.
* It is time for change.

What can I do? There are many small things and one very important big thing that I can do. The most important thing I can do is to study the issues and understand what is truth and fiction.

Everyday things I can do:

* Vote and support positive thinking people who believe in “Health Care Reform
* Live as healthy as possible, which means eating healthier and exercising.
* Continue to blog and support people with arthritis. Arthritis is a Journey
* Continue this blog for the “Elder Generation”

Stay tuned, this list will grow.

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