Friday, August 14, 2009

The Elder Generation

I was told recently that I call myself “old” too often. I know why I do it; it’s both a defense mechanism and an excuse. That is the subject of a long blog for another time. Today I am writing about one of my pet peeves and the solution I have to correct it. I don’t like being called a senior citizen. The first entry on this blog is about the subject, you can read it here. From now on, I am declaring I am a member of "The Elder Generation." (Think being told to respect your elders. Some churches have Elders.)

I give all the credit and applause for this term to Ronni Bennett,
“Time Goes By” founder and proprietor. I recently discovered her site and instantly found a connection. I had the overwhelming sense of a positive comfort level. Ronni has researched and written about subjects important to people over 50 years old for several years. Quoting from her bio, “A large community of elderbloggers has developed over these five years, old people writing on their blogs about their past and present lives, interests, and passions.”

If you have not visited “Time Goes By,” please do so soon. Warning: you will not want to stop reading. I am having a delightful time reading the blogs, storytelling, and information on the site. There is a list of Elderbloggers in the right of the home page. I am clicking on one of the each day, which will keep me busy until spring.

There was an interesting article in our local business journal last week about businesses and multigenerational employees. Lynne Haggerman writes a column each week on human resources for
Springfield Business Journal. She calls those born between 1922 and 1945 the veteran or traditionalist generation. I am calling those born between 1930 and 1945 “The Elder Generation” Why those years, that’s where myself and close family and friends fall, of course.
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